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Dog Gallery 1 (pictures from our friends plus our dogs)
gilden.jpg (11558 bytes)
Gilbert -rescued whippet
brideryhedge.jpg (23397 bytes)
Bridey -rescued whippet
bogisergrunning.jpg (46591 bytes)Bogie -rescued whippet with little human -Sergio
diablo dog.jpg (3658 bytes)
Keeshka - Basenji
gilxenabrideycouch.jpg (85779 bytes)
Three whippets on the couch. Gilbert, Xena, And Bridey.
cinieatingfunny.jpg (3649 bytes)
Cini - Basenji Queen
heiditained.jpg (3064 bytes) Tai, Heidi, rescued whippets with human Ned
spooky.jpg (4827 bytes) Spooky- rescued marvelous mutt gellertcorgie.jpg (2645 bytes) Gelert - Corgi joselickingplate.jpg (4136 bytes) Jose - chihuahua
xenaswivelchair.jpg (130301 bytes) Xena (whippet) sitting in a swivel chair 3coffee.jpg (158653 bytes) Bridey, Xena, Gilbert drinking after dinner coffee june05brideyxenaporch2.jpg (124491 bytes) Bridey and Xena
graciexena2march05.jpg (94542 bytes)Gracie and Xena gilcouchjan.jpg (127029 bytes)Gilbert brideyxenacouchmay05.jpg (144740 bytes)Bridey and Xena
jaccisheltie.jpg (144239 bytes) Jaci - very cute sheltie baileysheltie.jpg (63033 bytes) Bailey - really cute sheltie 10 day old puppy shelbyandkids.jpg (80199 bytes) The Three Amigos - Tyler, Shelby, and Sugar (shelties- now spirit dogs and very loved and missed by their humans).
elliecouch.jpg (16690 bytes) Ellie- whippet lewischair.jpg (14685 bytes) Lewis -whippet whippetsoncouch.jpg (19460 bytes) Sonny, Lewis, & Ellie- whippets
shebazumbobamboo.jpg (117102 bytes)
Sheba, Zumbo, & Bamboo. Much loved husky, boston terrier, and australian shepherd. Zumbo runs the house now because Sheba and Bamboo are now spirit dogs. 
budzum3.jpg (55654 bytes)

Zumbo's new pal, Buddy.

zumbo4dogs.jpg (76667 bytes)
left to right:  Nelson, Truman, Buddy, and Zumbo
Truman is a border collie and a working hearing dog. Nelson is an albino Aussie, he's deaf  and he loves to have his frisbee 24 hours a day. Zumbo is the only small dog in the group but she loves all three boys attentions!! since she is the only girl...
Many thanks to Tracey for the pictures and being a wonderful human.
tauny.jpg (3312 bytes) Tawny - rescued llasa apso mix/marvelous mutt Allie.jpg (278791 bytes)Allie in snow.jpg (284432 bytes)
Allie - Wheaten Terrier
11/18/89 - 7/10/03
threewhippets.jpg (27464 bytes)Bogie, Gilbert, & Bridey - rescued whippets with human cookie dispenser.
gilbogtaieat.jpg (11690 bytes)Tai, Gilbert, & Bogie - rescued whippets with human hand and bowl pipinhorseblanket.jpg (3505 bytes)Pippin -rescued German shepherd mix/marvelous mutt. rapunzelscratch.jpg (2970 bytes)Rapunzel - rescued terrier mix/marvelous mutt
pauliereesyard.jpg (5591 bytes)Paulie - rescued greyhound Sonny sat 2.jpg (16605 bytes)Sonny & Ellie -whippets Charlie.JPG (26908 bytes) Charlie - very special beagle.
May 11, 1994 - 
May 4, 2002

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