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Annabelle is the IGGY who is now  my mom's 24/7 companion. She was a foster IGGY being taken care by a wonderful teenage volunteer with  Colorado IGGY rescue.  Bridey and Xena love to visit Annabelle, they think she is a little whippet. 
It's true, you get the dog you need, so the dog gods had a plan.

Gracie joined our other spirit dogs on July 4, 2010.  She was Bridey's aunt. Imagine that, they both came from whippet rescue with their original pedigree paper work and we discovered that Gracie's dad was Bridey's Grandad. 

Welcome to Dog Stuff. We make sweet dog urns, pet urns, dog feeders, and more. Dog Stuff is a Colorado wood working shop. Two humans, (mom and daughter) do all the work and our dogs boss us around.   A bit more about us...

Hey, we were lucky enough to be featured in the Denver Post, Jan 13, 2001 and Rocky Mtn News Feb 3, 2001. Thanks Cate Terwilliger (DP), and Rebecca Jones (RMtnN).

Thanks Btaylor for the midis

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