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("Gilbert, Bogie & Bridey") Table 
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Bogie doesn't like carrots with beef - he likes beef with beef - he's taking a break.

In celebration of the new millennium 2001, we designed a new dog feeder  for our trio of whippets. Bridey is the newest member of our family. Almost a year after Tai crossed over, we adopted Bridey. Gilbert and Bogie thought this was the perfect occasion for a new table.
So we present the Gilbert, Bogie, & Bridey Table. gbbfeeder2.jpg (83239 bytes)

We make the GB&B feeder table from solid clear pine.  The tops are finished Country Pine with three coats of polyurethane- easy to keep clean with a damp cloth. All edges are rounded to prevent sharp edge accidents. We hand sand all of our stuff for whippet smooth finishes, (wet sand too).  The top is 12" x 19 1/2" with two recessed openings to each hold one or two quart stainless steel bowl.    The GB&B comes in three heights: 16", 12",  or 8". Available in one color only: wedge wood blue (shown in photo).

PRICE:  $180   for 16"- 2 quart bowls 
                 $170   for 12" - 2 quart bowls
             $160   for  8"  - 1 quart bowls

(includes 2 stainless steel 1 quart or 2 quart bowls, shipping is included in the price).

Itsy-Bitsy Wooden Feeder istybitweb.jpg (16390 bytes) 

This is a bittie version of the bigger feeder tables just for little dogs or cats. Made from solid clear pine with a natural finish.   The top has three coats of polyurethane for easy clean up. 

It stands a proud 4" tall and the top is 7 1/2" x 15". 

PRICE: $120 (includes two 1-pint stainless bowls, shipping included in price).


WOOD BURNED NAME PLATE nametag92.jpg (2170 bytes) 

Our dogs get confused about whose feeder belongs to whom.  So we made little name plates.  These personalized name plates are 2"x3.5" clear pine, coved edges, and wood burned .  It  mounts on the skirt of the feeder or the front of the toy with two brass screws.

PRICE: $20 (up to 10 letters)

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