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Photo Wooden Pet Urns

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 " When our dogs cross over, we feel as if we lose our shadow." 

L. Schmidt 

We make our photo pet urns using clear pine (no knots).  The photo urn has space on the front for a photo of your pet (see sizes below), while the crossing message rests on top of the lid.  The lid is secured by four small round brass nuts.  

The boxes are big enough to place ashes and other treasured memories.   We line the inside of the box with  heavenly blue felt, (just a reminder of where all dogs and cats go when they cross over).  Our gardens are graced by over 200 Lavender plants and we put a bit of lavender in each urn. 

The photo size for the small picture urn is 3 1/2" x 4" rectangular. The photo size for the large picture urn is 3 3/4" x 5 1/2",(the large size fits a standard 4 x 6 photo).

(Click on pictures for larger view.)

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     urn lid

Paulie Size (large):  6" height,  6"wide, 9" length   
PRICE: $150.00   (185 cubic inches inside) for pets over 60 pounds 

Punzel  Size (small):  5" height,  5" wide, 6" length   
 PRICE:  $125.00   
(81 cubic inches inside) for pets under 60 pounds.
Click here to order an urn.

Price includes shipping in the contiguous US
You may include the birth and death dates at no extra charge.

The crossing message:  "When you think of me, I won't be far away.  I am just over the river, and always in your heart.     Love",  (the name of your pet)

Click here for a close up of the lid with the crossing message.

Crossing over the river:  Some cultures refer to death as crossing over the river.  We embrace this idea and, so the picture we use (it's in Wales) and the crossing message reflect this sentiment.

There are many resources on the web about pet loss. Rainbow Bridge is quite popular.  We will add a few links on this page to pet loss sites in the near future; also a page sharing our experiences and thoughts about living with old dogs and cats and when we must let them go.

WARNING: If you happen to be a dreadful human who has never opened your heart to a dog- well then... stop snickering and GO AWAY! You wretched Homo Sapien.

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