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Bridey: Whippet, (reincarnated Basenji in a Whippet suit). Rescued January 11, 2001 from Whippet Rescue Denver, CO. Born May 6, 2000. Speaks ancient Gaelic, favorite foods- almonds, oranges, apples, licorice, dandelion root tea with milk, plastic, almost everything. Favorite toy- furry thing on a fish line (cat toy) and Gilbert's Hedge hogs, and teasing Gilbert.
Xena: Whippet, adopted Jan. 9, 2005. from Whippet Rescue. Born  Nov. 15, 2001. Xena and Buffy were foster whippets. Buffy got a good home and then Gilbert and Bridey and Ned (the human) decided they wanted Xena to stay permanently. She yodels or maybe it's the Xena warrior princess call.
Annabelle: Italian Greyhound, adopted, July 17, 2010 from Colorado Italian Greyhound Rescue. Born May 31, 2004. She is the velcro dog, Ree's 24/7 companion.

Spirit Dogs - Our dogs who crossed over the river.

Gracie: Whippet, rescued July 10, 2004 from Whippet Rescue, Colorado. Born Sept. 4 1995. Loves to shake anything fluffy. Manages to win any squeaker toy from Bridey. Follows Ree like a shadow. She's Ree's piece of Chocolate (for all those familiar with Harry Potter POA).
Gracie crossed over July 4, 2010. Bridey and Xena gave her a kiss then watched Ned and Deb dig Gracies's grave next to Bogie's and Paulie's spot. Gracie conferred with the other spirit dogs and arranged to have an IGGY take over the job as 24/7 companion for Ree.
Gilbert: Whippet, rescued February 27, 1998 from Whippet Rescue, Denver, CO. Born 1993. Favorite food - puppy cookies. Favorite toy - HEDGE HOGS (he calls them his little hedge puppies- loves to bark at Bridey and Ned (human- his job is to throw the toys)).
Gilbert crossed over February 26, 2005. He told Xena all the brindle secrets before he left.
Bogart: (Bogie): Whippet, rescued February 27, 1998 from Whippet Rescue, Denver, CO. Heís Gilbertís dad. Born 1991. Favorite food - scrambled eggs with cheese, Ovaltine with milk and coffee. Favorite toy - playing with toys interferes with his nap time.
Bogie crossed over July 9, 2004. He sent Gracie to take over for him.
Cini: Basenji, came from a kind breeder February 1983, born, December 13, 1982.  Crossed over May 17, 1999. She IS the African Queen.
Tai: Whippet, born October 28, 1984,rescued 1985, from Denver Dumb Friends League.   Tai and Heidi were sisters. Tai crossed over January 5, 2000.
Heidi: Whippet, born October 28, 1984,rescued 1985 from Denver Dumb Friends League,  crossed over June 1996.
Paulie: Greyhound, born  January 1988,raced 5 years, rescued 1992 from Greyhounds As Pets, crossed over the river February 25,1998.
Sir Pippin: German Shepherd Mix, born 1978, rescued from Denver Dumb Friends League 1979, crossed over May 1993.
Rapunzel: Fuzzy Terrier Mutt, born 1977, rescued from Denver Dumb Friends League 1977, crossed over September 1989.
Jose: Chihuahua, born 1960, crossed over 1978.
 See more dog pictures from friends in the Dog Gallery