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This is who we are: Dog Stuff is a Colorado Hand Crafting shop inspired by our dogs.  We make special things for our dogs and their friends.  We offer our handcrafted stuff to other Dog and Animal Lovers.  We are a very small potatoes, mom and daughter, woodworking shop.  Our dogs boss us around. Our wooden handcrafted items are designed and crafted by my mom or me.  We sign each piece we make.  We take great care to finish our pieces so that  you and your pet will enjoy them as much as we do.
The workers:  Ree (mom) and Deb (daughter)  

Ree and Deb's job description:  EVERYTHING-product design, production (woodworking) sometimes we put a needle on the scroll saw and sew, marketing, web design and maintenance, accounting, clean the tools, get the lumber, walk the dogs, packing and shipping, customer service, and most importantly having fun while working (now there's an idea).

reeroutingweb.jpg (10701 bytes)Ree's pretty mean with the router.

Ree writes the kid stories too! 


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Our logo comes from a photo taken of our Dogs Cini, Tai, Heidi, and Paulie.  They were all posing on Cini's Pagoda.  I made the Pagoda for Cini in 1987.  Cini loved to be perched above the ground...she could view her kingdom (it's a Basenji thing). Paulie, Cini, Tai, and Heidi are in dog heaven now. The Pagoda now serves as their "headstone", protected of course by two brave FU dog statues.  Paulie (the ex-track Greyhound was the inspiration for starting Dog Stuff.)  Ree, (my mom) adopted Paulie in 1992 from GAP in Colorado Springs.  Having very long legs, Paulie looked a bit like Bambi on ice when trying to eat. So, I looked around for feeder tables for Paulie. I found only ugly metal stands and the wooden tables were poorly designed and constructed.  Being "DO IT YOURSELF PEASANT STOCK", my mom and I have done carpentry as a hobby for some years, so building a feeder table for Paulie was an obvious solution.  

1997 was the year Dog Stuff came to life. It took a while for us to finally realize that working at something you love makes working fun.  Oh well, the  programming and accounting experience help a bit.  Ree also has over 40 years experience in the Graphics Arts industry as well as the accounting stuff.  

I almost forgot our human advisor, my husband (a physicist). He clues us in about physics stuff -partial pressure stuff (air flow in our shop), Celtic culture (he's from Wales), and new computer stuff (he likes to play with his computers so I don't worry about sharing the woodworking tools). 

We will always be a small shop-just my mom and me and our dogs. Dog Stuff is an extension of who we are and what we like: gardening, woodworking, music (classical, ,jazz, Celtic, folk), playing on the web, and most importantly our dogs.

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 This is Bogie going through the thuja hedge.  The first time he did this we cracked up laughing, which prompted him to clown around even more.

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