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Our dogs change our lives forever.  When they cross over, our hearts break and amidst our sad tears we must remember the laughter and love they gave  to us.  Sweet memories keep their spirits alive in our hearts for ever more.
Please add some sweet memories, the tears and the joys.

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Date:29 Jun 1999

Cini, the African Queen reigned from Dec. 13, 1982 to May 17, 1999... she still reigns in spirit.

Date:11 Jul 1999

God couldn't have created a more kind or gentle animal. Rest in peace sweetheart. Dying doesn't seem all that bad if that what it takes to see you again. Heaven should be proud to share your company. Buffy-1987-1999

Date:31 Aug 1999

Dear Loki,

After 5 years I am still missing you........ Now we have Nick. He is a great joy. You would love him to. But you are not alone anymore, dad is now with you. But sometime we all meet again and we will be together forever !! Lots of kisses for you and dad, see you ....


Date:19 Sep 1999  then, < " " " " /6607/mom.html or 6607/Tink.html

Date:28 Sep 1999

My little Cody died this morning. My heart is breaking. I needed him like he needed me. I try to eat, sleep, and just live, but it's so hard. Cody was my life, my baby. I will never forget the doggie that changed my life. I'll always love you Cody. Your gone, but certainly not forgotten. your lost mommy, Amanda. If anyone needs to talk contact me at

Date:12 Nov 1999

To our African Queen Cini, Tai made it to 15, well she's taking advantage of being the queen. We miss you little Klingon warrior.

Date: 24 Nov 1999

Heidi - the little whippet lamb  Oct. 28 1984 - June 13, 1996

Date: Nov 1999

Rusty died last night from a lung problem. Rusty we loved you so much! You were so awesome. From us

Date: Dec 1999

 I hate the fact that we live longer than our pets. It seem so unfair. Do I say this because I'm sad she is gone. Or because I must go on.

<I>~ John McAllister ~ </U>

Date: Jan 2000

We just lost our sweet Mina in October. We let her go gracefully after a final year with cancer. I still cry every day, even as I'm writing this. I found her thru Basenji Rescue. We were blessed to get her when she was 8 years old and she would have been 14 this Christmas. What a beautiful girl she was. I get through this pain knowing that she is now free to run and be young and healthy again. If only everyone could be so lucky to have a dog like her just once in a lifetime. We will miss her for the rest of our days.

Date: Jan 2000

To: Wilbur Beast Sullivan Address: Wilbur's Chair, Heaven

Wilbur - We loved you until almost 14, and my last night with you will never be forgotten. Knowing you died in your sleep with no pain has helped a lot, and knowing you chose my chair rather than yours told me how much you loved me too.

Although you died in 1993, your memory is as fresh as all the wonderful pictures we have of all of us.

Phred, Crazy Dazy and Baby Bandit now complete our family on earth, but they know of the legendary "Wilbur Beast" and his superlative capacity to be a hand warmer with his ears! They love you too, but no one could ever take your place.

Love, Tom and Nanci

Date: Sunday, 9 Jan 2000

Tai, you had a sweet gentle old soul, I miss you each time I come to your house to go for a walk. You always met me at the door knowing I would have a special cookie for you. I loved to watch you eat fresh snow, you always had a ball of snow at the tip of your nose. Your deep brown eyes held such love for all of us. Memories of you will always be in my heart.    
Tai- the great white whippet, Oct 28, 1984 - Jan.5, 2000


Date: Sunday, 23 Jan 2000

Dear Brownie
3 years have passed, we still miss you our faithful friend.  Thank you for all those
great memories.  Now we have Dex, Brandy, Millie, Bella, Bobby, Holly, and LUCY.

Love Jim and Barbara

Date: Saturday, 29 Jan, 2000

Sally you came to us after your hard racing life unwanted unloved but you found a
special place in our hearts. Run the fields Sal that you loved so much , see you one day.

Date: Sunday, 6 Feb, 2000

My beloved whippet, Belle, passed away this week and I am heartbroken.  She
epitomized happiness and love  and gave me so many precious hours of joy.  I feel as if I've lost my best friend.  I have wonderful pictures of her, but no scanner.  She can best be described as extremely elegant, graceful, expressive, and loving.  
She often wore a look of happiness and excitement, but could melt anyone's heart with her deep, pouty eyes.  I miss her desperately and am filled with sadness.


Date: April,2000

Sheba Rottie cross - died 5.3.00

Suddenly taken from me and sadly died in much pain from a ruptured spleen before vet could assist. Great friend or 11 years, still feel pain of the loss of her.  Now have Max, a dobie pup, he will not replace her but will bring some comfort. Miss my long walks with her..

'to the world you were but a part of it'
'but to me you were the world'
'til we meet again'

Maria Nash   

Date: April,2000

This is sad but has a happy ending....I had a Rhodesian Ridgeback. His name
was Indy and I had him since he was a puppy. He was so much fun and a real
friend and companion. Everyone that met him loved him instantly. Our dog
trainer loved him and he was doing very well in training. Even as a puppy he
proved to be a great watch dog and protector of our family. He was always in
a out of the vet's office for some minor aliment. He always licked the
doctors and technicians that worked for the vet. Everyone loved him there.
Then two weeks before his first birthday he got very sick. We rushed him to
the University Of Pennsylvania Animal Hospital for an emergency blood
transfusion. After three days the doctors couldn't figure out what was
wrong. He kept getting weaker and weaker. Then on the fifth day (after 3
blood transfusions) the doctors said he had an auto immune disease and
couldn't give us a prognosis. After the 7th day at the hospital he was well
enough to come home. He was still weak and couldn't get out of his bed. But
his tail couldn't stop wagging. He so wanted to be with his family. I had to
hand feed him but he refused to eat or drink. I took him to my vet and they
said that he might have 2 or 3 days left to live. I stayed home and nursed
him as best as I could but he could hardly keep his eyes open because he was
so weak. It tore me apart to see such an energetic puppy waste away before
my eyes. Then the day came when my family and I had to make the decision to
end his suffering. The day after his first birthday my husband took Indy to
the vet to be put down. I couldn't go. I hugged Indy so tightly as my
husband tried to hold him in his arms. I thought that I would never get
another dog as long as I lived.
Then three days after my dog died the dog trainer called and talked to me
and helped me handle my grief. She also mailed a flyer about Greyhound
Friends. I threw the flyer in a drawer because I didn't want another dog.
Three months later my husband and I were out and about and saw a setup from Greyhound Friends of NJ. I instantly fell in love with these beautiful dogs.
Each dog was filled with so much love and all they wanted was to be petted
and cared for. Each was snuggled up against their owner and were completely
at peace.
I spotted a red brindle male who stuck out because he was so big. He was a
lot bigger than the other males. It turned out that he was up for adoption
and my husband and I fell in love with him. A week later he was ours. We
named him Blaze. Now I'm am in the process of adopting a female. They are
the best dogs to have and when they are adopted they are so grateful. I
think it was meant to be.

L. Connor


Date: May 2000

Saddie and Maggie,
We loved you for 14 and 15 years.  Thank you for teaching Ben manners before you went. He is fine and now has a shelter puppy Barney to play with.  He grieved for you right along with us.  You were the best chows ever.  It's Spring now and we miss you two on our walks to the pond but know you are romping and playing tug like puppies again.

Still missed,
Rob and Betsy

Date: May 2000

My first dog is no longer with us, but he still lives on in memory and in our hearts.  Maybe he can stay in your too!


Date: June 2000

Bamm-Bamm crossed over the river last evening, June 15, 2000 around 8:30 p.m. It is such a sad
time for us; however, we know we will see him again some day and that he is playing healthy and
happy waiting at the Rainbow Bridge. His Therapy Dog work will be missed. He enjoyed a 
wonderful life and will be very close to our hearts always. We love you Bamm-Bamm and miss you

Mom, Dad and lots of brothers and sisters very disoriented missing their "alpha" brother.

P.S. We hope you are playing "army yuckie" again and enjoying it!

Tim and Kim Maxwell

Date: July 26, 2000

My beautiful Saluki, Oliver. It will be seven years in October,
and still the tears flow. There are 5 others in my life now, and still the
tears flow. You came into my life at a most difficult time and helped me
through. It is almost as if you felt your job was done and at the young age of
six you went to greener pastures. My consolation is that you are waiting there
with Kazan and all the other hounds we knew. Your coursing buddies often
mention you.

 Love, Cecile

Cecile Bauer

Date: July 2000

To My dear old Barney Goolgle 1959-1969 

Barney was a basset hound that had some history. he was the best dog I ever had.
its been 30 years since his departure but he is still with me. We lost him when
he was poisoned by our neighbors in the summer of 1969

Darla Hawk

Date: Sept 2000

My Basenjis (there has been four of them) have given me lots of patience to understand for wildness, to
respect an independence character, my Greyhound has given me wisdom to understand sensitive with
musculars, my Whippets has given me lots of joy by being such a personalities! I am such a happy to
own these kind of individuals, what a wish to be like a combination of wildness, independent, sensitive,
muscular Personality!

Anita Sandqvist

Date: Sept 2000

" scoop" and "Thing" will be in my life forever as they brought joy into my life. Can remember one time when scoop tried to get the last bit of meat out of a plastic 1 gallon pickle jar he was running into things with this jar on his head. a real funny sight and thing was the worlds best super dog as he would run along side with me and alert other that I was running a true friend and personal coach Both of these fine dogs where of the henzie 57 bread but were the best of there breed Hope both of you have met in doggie heaven and will see you upon arrival bow wow and woof woof

lee holden

Date: Sept 2000

My 17 year old yellow lab Buddy could hardly he flies with the angel dogs.  9/23/00


Date: Sept 2000 (this one makes me laugh - a good memory)

Dizzy passed a while ago and we will never forget her unique personality. She could chase
tennis balls forever and not get tired. She protected her family with everything she had in
She had a bad knee we had operated on and we would pet her and say "poor puppy", she
ate it up. We still laugh because she come over to us and sometimes hold the wrong leg up
to get us to say it! We all loved her so much and know she is a great place with the biggest
tennis ball machine ever. We will see her again one day.


Date Oct 23, 2000

i lost my dog cindy on the 23/10/99


Date Nov 3, 2000

Daisy, my boxer, was 13 years old when she is died. I like all my dogs, but she will be in my heart always the first.


Date Jan 2, 2001

I'd like to say anyone who loses a much loved pet like most of us say we won't have another because of all the heartbreak it causes when they die. I've lost three whippets over the years and have said this a few times but I now know that I will never be without a whippet as they give so much pleasure which must always outway the hurt. We have a duty to rescue and love these beautiful animals. Please visit my site to know more of my addiction. I've cried through all these messages.

Diane Whippet Clayton

Date Jan 9,2001

Tarsha you will forever be in our hearts. Thinking about your fluffy ears bouncing in the wind will always be a part of my life and the devotion and protection you gave to us over the past 13 years will never be forgotten. You are special and will always be with us. We love you Tarsha and miss you.. See you someday my best friend... xxoo 

 revere, mass, usa,

Date Jan 11, 2001

chelsea your gone now i miss you so if tears could build a stairway and memories a lane i would go to heaven and bring you back to me my sweet angel girl you are so loved and missed by many god bless you love, mommy dec4-93-dec21,2000 

denice faller 

Date Jan 29, 2001

Mulligan lost his fight with cancer this Thur. 1/25/01. He was our beautiful Golden of 7 years. We will never run out of memories. It was a short hard fight. I can't get it in my head that I will (never) feel his soft fur again. 
We can only now wait till we see him at the rainbow bridge. 
God hold you near til your dad and I get there with you.

Date Jan 30, 2001

After updating the memories page with Mulligan's memory above, I decided to add some thoughts.  When our dogs cross over, I think one of  hardest things to accept is that we can never see them again or hug them? I agree with Mulligan's human on that point. In my mom's words "you feel as if you lose your shadow". But, really they are still with us - in memories, if we remember them they live forever. Our lives are better for having lived with such special creatures. It takes time for our tears to transform to smiles and then we remember with a happy heart.

Deb (remembering  Tai 1984-2000, Cini 1982-1999,  Heidi 1984-1996,
        Paulie 1988-1998, Pippin 1978-1993, Rapunzel 1977-1989,
        and Jose 1960-1978) Thanks for being part of my life!

Date: Feb. 7, 2001

When I was in the 8th grade my family had a boxer/Great Dane mix. He was HUGE, and my mom named him Emmitt. (She is a Cowboy fan) Well, I was working very hard on a science fair project for school, and I needed my mom to take me to the store to get some more supplies. I used chicken bones as my project. I soaked them in different liquids to see which ones provided the most calcium. I soaked the bones in water, milk, lemon juice and bleach. I left the project spread all over the coffee table while we quickly went to the store. I guess you know what happened. When I got back home (we were only gone 10 minutes) my chicken bones were gone...all except one! Emmitt had eaten them all except for the one that had been soaked in bleach. I had to go to school the next day, empty-handed and explain to my teacher that my dog ate my project! Thanks for letting me share my memories with you!



Date: Feb15, 2001

DJ,You gave us so much in such a short time. Daddy, Sam and I miss you so much and the pain seems so unbearable. Your paw prints still remain in the snow and I go look at them everyday until the sun melts them away. I'm taking care of your two favorite balls and when we meet again I will bring them with me. We love you DJ and always will. DJ was a beautiful Golden Retriever,full of life and love,but stricken with bone cancer at the tender age of three. My heart goes out to all of you,for I know your pain. 

Dennis and Vickie Dalton

Date: March 3, 2001

In memory of Jupiter

The King of Snaps
Is a handsome chap
He drools and whines
But mostly dines
And then he takes his nap.

Paula & Dan, February 24,2001

Jupiter: 14 1/2 years old
August 13, 1986 - February 24, 2001
Our chocolate lab had puppies in our home and I was there for Jupiter's birth and we have been inseparable ever since. He lived a wonderful rich life and lived to be an old man--he went his way in his time surrounded by people and everything he loved. I will cherish his memory forever. He is with me forever.

Cindy Montague

Date: March 16, 2001

I've been here before with a message. I am the proud owner of 4 whippets at present. I've owned 7 over 20 years. Dogs have always played a big part in my life. I wasn't allowed one until I was 10years old but I used to go out looking for them in the park and if they were alone I'd consider them homeless and bring them home to my shed. I had it set up with lots of blankets and food and water bowl, toys etc. I kept dogs on and off not really believing they already had a home and they only came with me because I was feeding them. One dog that did not want to go home was a black lab which I named Sooty. I had started secondary school which was only 5 minutes away and Sooty always followed me. I used to shut the school gate and go to my classes but he always found me. This went on for about a year. Sooty, even if he wasn't around in the morning he'd always turn up out side a classroom I was in. I had to keep taking him out of school and missing part of lessons. The teachers were very angry but I couldn't stop him, he always found me. Eventually my form teacher gave me a letter to take to all my classes allowing the dog to stay with me. He had experienced the dog in his classes and knew he only wanted to lye under my desk. This was great news but there were about 4or5 teachers that would not allow it and made me sit outside the classroom with him. This is just a story of how loyal dogs are. I already had my own dog by then but Sooty wasn't interested in her just me. After maybe 18months of being my school companion he just stopped turning up. I can only think he'd had an accident of been picked up by the dog wardens or even a spitefull teacher. But remains in my heart forever.

Diane Clayton March 16, 2001

Date: April 6, 2001

Four long years now have past
But the cloud of sorrow is still cast
Your memory still so vivid will always last
No matter how many years go past.

So many things about you I still miss
Especially that wet, slobbery kiss
Your greeting at the door I can only wish
But these are now only just a wish.

Longing for you can't bring you back, I know
But I can remember you in my memories aglow
I look at your tree and see you there
But I know it is only my memory again I share.

Someday they say this will all go away
Oh no! because I loved you so forever and a day
You touched my heart with such love in every way
My Sarge, I miss you so today!

For My Beloved Boxer, Sarge

Phyllis Baxter

Date: April 14, 2001

Our dog Max passed away today. April 14,2001. He was only 2 1/2 years of age. Three different vets could not tell us what was wrong with him and it was very frustrating. He died with us next to him. He was a very happy dog. We called him "The Maxinator". As you all know Dalmatians are very happy dogs. When he got sick he just wasn't Max anymore. Our other dog is very sad and confused as to where his buddy is. All we can do now is stay with him and let him know that he is not alone in his loss.

Devan and Molly Storms

Date: 4/17/01

Twinkie died on Good Friday just like Jesus. Now she is with the Angels and Grandma. Rest in peace, my little girl, I love you and miss you and take care of Grandma for me. 


Date: May 04, 2001

I have been lucky enough to have 8 whippets share 28 of my 46-year life so-far.
Sedge was the 1st one to introduce me to this wonderful breed. He had to be put to sleep at the age of just 13 with failing kidneys.
I lasted 6 weeks with no dog, until at the age of 31 I went to see 4 puppies of a 6-dog litter. Two had already been homed. I weakened and bought all 4 - [2 dogs and 2 bitches] all 6-weeks old!
Flint, one of the boys, tripped at the age of four and broke his neck. He died en route to the vets in the car on my knee. His sister Lucy was especially troubled by his death as they had been great friends. His brother Snuff lived until he was ten and a half but had to be put to sleep suffering from prostate cancer. His sister Elsa lived a further 2 years and had to be put to sleep with a tumour obstructing her wind pipe. She had heart problems too but had lived happily on medication for a year or two coping with her heart disease well.
Lucy was the last survivor and my very special Lucy-Belle. She was my companion and shadow for 15 years and 2 months and I am still heartbroken at having to say goodbye to her (tho' I know it's really only "au revoir" - I have to believe I will see them all again one day!).
She suffered from heart disease for the last 4 months of her life but finally stopped eating due to kidney failure.
Luckily over the past 5 years I have acquired 3 other whippets all in need of a good home. Firstly Pippin came - a large 1 year-old brindle, who is now almost 7.
Next came 4 year-old white William who is now almost 8; and finally 2 years ago a fawn rescue (99% whippet) called Bess who will be 9 in December 2001.
Since Lucy-Belle has gone they all miss her and 3 whippets seems so few!
Hopefully the grief will soon fade and the loss become misty rather than vivid. 


Date: May 9, 2001

Elmo, our sweet little puppy girl, you were only with us for such a short time; but, boy did you ever find your place in our hearts. Damian asks about where you are-we told him you were in the sky with great-grandpa playing fetch. I am so sorry puppy girl. I am racked with guilt. If only I had let you in to play, you would not have been hit-my heart breaks for you. I hope it didn't hurt. I hope you are safe and warm and know how much we love and miss you. Elmo, you will always be in our hearts. Bye puppy girl.


Date: May 9, 2001

To Lacy J You were the best friend Ai could ever have. Your sisters and Ai miss you tremendously. Your Birth on November 29, 1980 was a glorious day until your departure on November 29 1998. Not a day goes by that you are not thought of. And many a day tears come to my eyes as Ai miss you so much. Ai believe when it thunders, You and Panama are playing in heaven in great green fields. Happy will be the day when we can all be together again. I will never be alone, as you are always in my heart. I know you are here in spirit, beside me at times lending comfort at just the right time. We love and miss you, Mom Ai, Carly and Haley, KD too. XXOO


Date: May 12, 2001

Cynder was sent to us from god. She is missed by her family(mom, dad, and Crystal) and her best friend Bailee. We now have Saybel who keeps Bailee from getting sad.
I think Cynder would love her. We miss her so much and not a day goes by that we dont think of her.
Cynder Jayde Roland 1995-2001


Date: May 27, 2001Comments:

1995 - 2001
You came into our lives when you were already two. You touched everyone you met with your beautiful face and sentimental eyes. You battled your illness for us. Although we only had you in our life for such a short time the impact you made can never be forgotten.

Krystyna carlino  

Date: May 31, 2001

My girl, Bubba, died on May 29/01 suddenly. Her stomach twisted and the vet tried but could not save her. I miss you so much B.B. Momma loves you and I'm holding her hand.


Date: June 5, 2001

To P.J.:

It's been a little over a month since I had to put you to sleep and I miss you so very much. I know what love is because of you. You were the best thing that ever happened to me (even though you were a little stinker). Love always, my little Goober.

Madison Stedl 

Date: June 11, 2001

In April of 1987 I was doing work at the SPCA in Oakland CA. I had done alot of volunteer work with different groups yet I hadn't had my "own " dog for a long time. Everytime I was there he was still there too. I kept telling him he wasn't quite what I was looking for, but he seemed to know best. I brought home this shaved,fuzzy kees, with deep chestnut eyes and a woo-woo that always made me chuckle. He was two and grew into my beloved companion for 12 1/2 years. We went everywhere together and in time he traveled America, backpacked, camped, kayaked and swam in almost every state. Only twice were we apart,1 day for every year he shared with me. On June 9 2001 upon returning home after putting in order the affairs of my dying father I drove down to pick him up from the person who was watching him. I walked in and knew he was in trouble. He was rushed to the vets but there was nothing that could be done to save his life. A tumor not found at his checkup in early May had ruptured and he was bleeding internally. I had to keep my promise to never let him suffer. I laid down next to him and spooned him just as we would do at night, cradled his beautiful soft head in my arms thanked him for choosing me as his human and sang him you are my sunshine which always made him roll over on his back and smile. He waited for his Mom to come home to him before he left. I have had wonderful dogs in the past, yet Zapata was truly my other half, my better half. He was gentle, affectionate, loyal almost to bright and always the bright light. I am grateful for all that he gave and hope he forgives me for not being there in time for him. His life gave me all that could have been had, and his passing has left a void so large.... Good night Zapata mommy loves you 

catherine avery 

Date: June 14, 2001

Sebastian Bach Von Michael 

--- BASH -----

Born January 1, 1994, Died June 12, 2001
7 1/2 Old Rottweiler

My friend, My heart and soul, 
My baby, 

I miss you and I'm so sorry I wasn't there for you. 



Date: June 18, 2001

On behalf of my brother Andrew and all the family you knew. We love you Saffron you are no longer in pain. Play nicely with your best friend Babs who crossed over last year. We know you missed her. Until we meet again GOD BLESS.

Diane Clayton

Date June 18, 2001

In Loving Memory of Amanda May Lynam-Daniels, our beloved Terrier/Schnauzer mix person. September 15th, 1985 to May 1st 2001. I wrote this letter to her the night before she had to be relieved of her suffering. Since I was away from home, my friend read it to her and it was placed between her front paws when she was cremated. She now rests in a beautiful wooden urn with a picture of her in her glory days. If you are going through the same thing, my heart is heavy with you. Write a letter to your furbaby, companion, special friend. It will help more than you know. 

April 30th, 2001

Dear Amanda May,
I still remember the day you came into my life. It was raining “cats and dogs” and you looked like you just fell down with the last drop, soaking wet and on my doorstep. As guests were leaving you walked in and laid by the fire like you owned the place. And you did from that moment on. You stayed for a week, while I tried to find your home. All the time hoping that you would get to stay with me. Then you disappeared through the trees one day, heading off to where you came from, I went door to door, looking for you, not knowing your name but calling you “Lady”. I found you around the corner, finally at home and hearing for the first time you’re name and the story of how you were a wanderer. 
Several weeks later, you showed up again. When I took you home I was asked if I would keep you for the weekend because of family problems at your home. I was more than happy to do it. On Monday I was asked to keep you forever, and I was only too happy to say yes. So started the next twelve years, some of the best of my life. 
I found out quickly that you were a free spirit. You were not happy unless you were roaming, visiting whatever neighbors you felt like, or doing your favorite thing in the world…going to the beach. You usually came back wet, smelling like dead fish and seaweed. And as happy and proud as you could be. I would scold you and take you in for a bath, then cuddle and hold you. You “promised” you wouldn’t do it again, but the lore of the beach was too much for you to resist. 
I will always remember and have told the story many times of how you went to that beach one day in May. You decided to seek shelter from the heat under the dock at low tide, or just found something really smelly and interesting under there, I don’t really know which. When the tide came in, you were trapped. But as usual, you didn’t panic. You just swam and treaded water. When some neighbors came down to get water to clean clams they dug at low tide, they heard you there. The Police were called, Animal Control, then the Fire Dept, Then the Mayor to get permission to cut a hole in the dock to rescue you. Finally a man I would meet for the first time the next day, Fire Chief Joe Biller donned his wetsuit and mask, he went under the dock and took you in his arms, after a word of encouragement he submerged with you and brought you out with him. It was almost dark by this time. Carol from Animal Control brought you home. I was called at work asking my permission for her to try and save you. I said of course and came right home. She said you were listless and not moving much. I came home to find you sitting in the sink, listless and not moving much, just like normal. You never were excited about much except running away and going for a ride. 
I can’t begin to count all the dollars spent bailing you out of jail. Carol would pull up and you would just jump into the truck and ride in the front seat to the pound. Most normal dogs would run from the dogcatcher. Not you, you loved the attention. Some times you would just run downtown. To the deli on the pier, where they fed you deli meat and cheese. To the County offices, where you walked in on a board meeting and just laid down for a nap. You would follow kids to school, just to be picked up by the police and taken to the pound. And of course the time you got bumped by a car on Main Street, then taken into the Cambey Apartments by an old man who saw it happen and tried to chase down the car. You weren’t hurt, just dazed and a little hungry. The two widowers took you into their apartment, read the phone number on your tag, then cooked you an entire chicken, took the meat off the bone and fed it to you. When one of my roommates went to pick you up (I was at work) you went and hid under a bed…..not wanting to leave yet, probably just waiting for dessert. He had to endure almost another hour of the men playing a guitar and singing to him before he could leave with you. Countless other times you went on walkabout. Just exploring and wandering your domain, the Town of Coupeville. 
You have been a part of so many lives, and with me almost everywhere. When we moved to Brewster, you went along, and still wandered there a little. Even surgery for bladder stones didn’t slow you down much. In a year we came home, back to your Town. You always enjoyed going for rides, going to Grandmas house in Spokane, where you spent almost a month. When I picked you up you were so fat! Just a long black hairy tube. Grandmas always give out the best food. And let you finish their dinner. 
Grandma and Grandpa Daniels, always there with cheese, meatloaf, mini wieners whatever was in the fridge! Talk about spoiled rotten. You got presents, Easter baskets and loads of treats. You always felt you owned whatever house you were in, taking the best chair for your frequent naps. And being allowed to do so at will.
You had so many animal friends too. Never being confrontational with cats or dogs, you just wanted everyone to be your friend. Shorty, who came into our home just a few days after you. He was already old, 13 and you became his best friend, even if he would sometimes growl and bark at you for no reason. When he died, you looked at his body, moved it with your nose and looked at me with sad eyes. No matter what people say, you knew and were sad. We buried Shorty out back and you were there as we laid him to rest, watching and saying goodbye in your own way. The day I last left Whidbey while up from Portland, you went back there as if to say see you soon Short Stuff. You had cats, Pendelton, and Tabitha, who you used to lick and bathe until their heads were soaked, they loved it and so did you. All your cousins, Rags, Butchie, Blondie and little Dot. And of course Sara Lucille, who is with you now along with Papa. She learned from you the art of looking with “those eyes” where the treat cupboard was and how to snore louder than even you. Sarah has a little of you in her, since you raised her with us. You were the patient big sister when she was small and helpless. Always giving her room to play, lay in your spots, eat your food, and cuddle with you when she missed her mommy and needed you. Sarah even learned the art of wandering with you, to the beach and around. We worried that she would get hurt. But I am sure you were always watching out for her, taking good care of her. You never seemed to mind her running around and jumping all over. For years to come I will look at Sarah and see a little of you inside, her Big Sis. She will miss you, and remember you always. 
As the years passed, you have changed slowly. Still wandering, more with your mind than your legs. Taking pleasure in the finer things in life. A nice warm bath, a sunbeam, people food, and sitting and sleeping in your Dads lap soaking up love and giving it back tenfold. You have defied all the odds, living to a ripe old age. As more time passes you move slower, see through dim but still bright eyes and sleep the days away, dreaming of your glory days and chasing bunnies, and of the time you actually caught one. 
I have always hoped you would cross the Rainbow Bridge quietly in your sleep, but always ready to do what is right if you tell me the time has come. You now say it is time, you are ready to take the next step of your journey. It’s not all sad. You will see Shorty, Blondie, Tabitha and many other friends and you all can play again, unrestricted by your old and tired bodies. As much as it hurts Papa and I, we will do what is right for you, because we love you. Even though we would spend the rest of our lives with you, we know that it is time for you to move on and for us to honor your wish to help you across the Rainbow Bridge. 
Mandy, I wish I could be there with you and hold you again and tell you how much I love you and will miss you. I would give anything to be home tonight and let you sleep in my arms one more time. You are very lucky to have your Papa, he loves you too and will be there with you holding your paw, helping you along the way so you won’t be lonely. Don’t be scared honey, Dad will be thinking about you and loving you too. 
Although a part of my soul will be empty, I will always have the memory of the 12+ years that I was allowed to be with you. They have been the some of the happiest years of my life and if I had it to do all over again, I would do nothing different, except be with you now. We will all miss you and Love you forever. Grandma Lynam, Stormy, Kelsie and Vickie. Grandpa and Grandma Daniels, Auntie Mary, Jesse and Uncle Ken, and all your other peoples. Sarah Lucille will be so lonely without you. And of course Dad and Papa will be the saddest of all. It is time to go home Mandy. When Daddy comes home again, I, and Papa will take you to the beach on Whidbey that you loved so much, and you dream of now. We will take you there and let you stay this time as long as you want, home where you belong. 

I Love you, I will miss you and I am a better person for having had you in my life



Date July 2, 2001 

Rommel would not have been a dog to suit most people. But he suited me. The house is empty without you. As empty as the spot I have for you in my heart. 

John Pearce

Date: July 24, 2001 

I have a 10yr old Basset Hound, and he truly believes that he is a human. Every Christmas since he was a puppy he has been our Christmas Angel. He has a halo, and white wings that go around his body. Now, he knows when it is Christmas and he wakes me up, just so he can be extra special for that day. This past Christmas is going to be his last, the doctors say he has a heart blockage, which makes him faint. Thank God, he feels no pain, and still is as loving and playful as he can be. I've had him since I was 8yrs old and now I am 18, he's been there through everything. When he goes to heaven so many memories and secrets will go too. Now I will only have his grave or the urn that he is in to talk to but he will always be in my heart. He knows that it is almost time, he is by me 24/7, he's confused and so am I, but thankfully we both know that we will always remain together in our hearts.

Dayla Fiori and dog Freckles

Date : August 11, 2001

Our sweetie, Molson, was a beautiful and kind German/Canadian boxer. We adopted him in Canada back in 1993. He grew rapidly into a 100 pound gentle puppy. He had an addictive personality. We considered him our first child. We took him everywhere with us. He always sat in the front seat and would look to the person in the back seat as if to say ha, ha! He thought he was a person. He slept in our bed from day one. My husband and I always say that if our children turn out 1/3 as good as Molson was then we did a great job as parents. Last July, I was pregnant and didn't know it yet. Well, my husband left for golf real early in the a.m. I went downstairs after he left to get a drink and passed out and fell down the last 5 steps. I woke up flat on my face to Molson trying to get his whole big head and neck under my chest to get me to sit up. He kept on pushing until I was on his back and able to sit on the step. Well, I can go on forever about him but I have to order his urn. Unfortunately, last Halloween we had to put him to sleep. He was diagnosed with cancer the year before. We did the surgery to remove the tumor and went through 3 months of chemotherapy only to have the tumor grow back. He was almost the same old Molson even until the night before he died. The tumor had gotten so big that he could no longer urinate. It killed us to see him suffer even for a second. The vet reassured us that he didn't have any pain because the tumor crushed all the nerves from his waist down. There was no more we could do for him but to love him enough to let him go to heaven. There is a quote I would like to share that I read somewhere that describes our love for him...."Blessed is the person who has earned the love of a Dog." We truly loved him and miss him terribly.

Molson 8/22/93 - 10/31/00


Date: September 1, 2001

In Loving Memory:

Baron Butch von Chocoletti
1988 - 1998
Solid Liver, German Shorthaired Pointer

Butch was my first dog, even thought the family had owned dogs before, he was truly mine. Given as a birthday present, after 8 years of waiting, Butch was everything to me. At the age of two, he was diagnosed with epilepsy. Many people told me that I wouldn't be able to handle taking care of an epileptic dog, but I did. After a valiant 8 year struggle with the disease, he was put to rest in November 1998. I still think about him when I look at my 3 other furkids, especially Logan. Logan is a Butch look alike in many ways and will always remind me of my big brown dog. Boo boo, we miss you and send you lots of puppy hugs and kisses.

Mom and the furkids (Logan-GSP, Keely-Whippet, & Vito-Italian Greyhound)

Georgiann Marchand

Date: September 10, 2001

We have so many wonderful memories of our dog Lucky. 
She came into our lives when our children were small.
I walked hundreds of miles over the years with her in happy and sad times. 
She was a great listener and my best friend. 
Then old age crept upon her and she was frail. 
The vet said it would be kinder to put her sleep. 
She would have lived a few months more of that I was sure. 
But I loved her enough to now that she was suffering so much pain in her joints 
that we ended her days with an injection. 
She went peacefully on her way and looked up at us as the vet injected her 
and seemed to know that it was the end. 
She remains so alive in our hearts and we will never forget her.

We still have Biff and now have Remy. I dread the day we have to part
but I know we will see all our love ones again.


Date: Ocotober 14, 2001

It's been 5 months today that we lost Duff to sickness.Three days later to lose my Father to cancer.They were best buds.I know they are together & they are not in pain anymore.I hope one day it will get easier for me & my mom.I try to think how lucky I am to have had 11 years with this sweet,loyal friend.I will never foget you & one day I will see you again my friend.


Date: October 30, 2001

My Dearest Sasha, whippet/greyhound and her daughter Kelly r.i.p Sasha the most wonderful mother in the world came to me one day at 12 years old and gave me such deep and extra cuddlesome fusses I wondered why she looked at me so sad and then came the rapid weight loss and thirst for water, I knew something bad was wrong. Diabetes, poor Sasha. After being given the weekend by the vet to make "The Decision" I knew I had to try anything I could if she could still have a quality of life so then the daily injections began. I realized that every time I lifted her on the table, a little part of her and me died together and it was a blessing of a kind when she slipped into a coma one day, suffered a massive stroke and the final ending came. She left me with the gift of her daughter Kelly, same image- all black with four white feet and a white tip at the end of her tail. My sweet Kelly was with me ten years then one night she didn't come in from the garden after her late night necessaries and I found her collapsed outside the door. After a dramatic dash to the vets in the pet ambulance, she came round by herself and the vet couldn't find anything wrong. Sadly two weeks later one night she got up from her bed and ran and jumped onto mine while I was in the next room watching tv. I called her to me to ask what was wrong and she came in, jumped up onto my lap and died. At least there was no visible pain but the tears are pouring down my face writing this, my dearest darling girls I miss you so. Whippets are a real gift from God, they should have their own special heaven.

Rita Pook 

Date: November 7, 2001

Dearest Peanut,
It has been only 2 short weeks since you've been gone. I wonder if I will ever stop missing you?
No one comes to the door when I come home from work anymore.
No one is waiting for the leftovers after I've finished eating. 
Who is going to eat these cucumber peels? 
Who will share an orange with me?
Who is waiting at the bathroom door after my shower? And follow me from room to room?
When I feel for the floor before I put my feet down, no one is there.
No one to sing to.
No one for walks.
No one to go bye-bye car to see Gramma and Grandpa.
No one to give a belly rub.
No one put his head on my chest and sigh with complete contentment.

I am well and truely heartbroken. I was lucky, I guess. I had the sweetest, happiest puppy for eight years. You even lived a year longer than the vet predicted, probably because no one told YOU that you were sick. I tried my best to keep you well.

"..If love alone could have saved you,
you never would have died.
In life I loved you dearly,
in death I love you still.
In my heart you hold a place
no one could ever fill.
If tears could build a stairway

I miss you, my sweet, sweet Peanut.

Love always,
Your Mom


Date: November 9, 2001

Mr. Bojangles, and Alx. My two first pups. We spent many years together. We miss you both. We know your together again at last watching over us. Thank you for your years of loyalty and unconditional love. 


Date: November 17, 2001

I used to have a dog katie and we would play ball every day after school and when I would run she would run after me to get the ball and then I would stop and she would keep running and when I would do that again she would nibble at my ankles.It was so funny.I miss her a lot.She was the best dog! 


Date: November 27, 2001

Dear Buster 
My sweetie, I love you and always will! FOREVER! See you on the other side.


Date: November 28, 2001

My best friend was put to rest on November 17th, 2001. I've never known such devotion and pure love in my entire life. Her name, Princess Repunzel Marie ("Punzie") her breed, Shih-Tzu, 13 years old, loved and cherished. I was given Punzie when she was 8 weeks old to help get me through the kidnapping of my three sons by their father. I had no idea where they were for five years. Punzie allowed me to shower her with the love and grief I was feeling for my sons, while I cried she licked the tears from my face. My sons returned and Punzie was there to celebrate and was my ever faithful and beautiful baby girl. I loved her beyond reason and shall always find myself looking for her and wishing she was again there to lick the tears away. Thank you my friend, you are my heart and my heart is yours.

Cathy McCutcheon

Date: December 9, 2001

sitting here and thinking of all the wonderful memories that my sweet son Charlie gave me lasted only 2 1/2 years..He was a 3 pound yorkie that gave me the will to live each day of my life..After I got my son (charlie) my marriage went down hill and I lost 7 family members in 18 monthes period of time do to different deathes and a bitter divorce..I thought my GOD this can't be happening to me...but Charlie gave me the will to live and the hope to survive my life each day..He was a special little guy...he had to have his special food and lots of love and attention..and i knew i had to take care of him..and I did..After all of the worse things happening in my life i met my husband now,,,and things turn for the best,,and a year later,,,Charlie got sick...he had a brain defect and I took him to the best speciality animal clinic in Overland Park Kansas, he kept having seizures after seizure...then they stablized him and he got to come home with me...and after a week..I came home from wal-mart and he got excited and went to a bad seizure and died in my arms...YOU WILL NEVER KNOW THE LOST I FELT..I THOUGHT LOOSING THE 7 FAMILY MEMBERS I LOST, WAS BAD THIS WAS WORSE...MY WORLD TURNED UPSIDE DOWN i REALLY THOUGHT I WAS HAVING A NERVIOUS BREAK DOWN..WHAT WAS I GOING TO DO WITHOUT CHARLIE..I TRUELY DIDNT WANT TO LIVE AT ALL...MY POOR HUSBAND WAS SO WORRIED ABOUT ME...I GRIEVE AND I KEEP GRIEVING OVER THIS AMAZING LITTLE BLESSING THAT GOD ONLY GAVE ME FOR A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME...COULD THIS HAVE BEEN MY ANGEL? YES!!!!!!!!! EVERY MEMORY I HAVE OF HIM I CHERISH,,I MADE MY HUSBAND AND MY FAMILY PROMISE ME WHEN AND IF I DIE, CHARLIE AND I WILL BE BURRIED TOGETHER,,,HE SLEEPS WITH ME IN HIS LITTLE URN RIGHT BY MY BEDSIDE,,,WE WILL ALWAYS BE TOGETHER FOREVER...AND WHEN I DIE,,,I WANT TO SEE HIM FIRST RUNNING TOWARD ME AND WAGGLING HIS TAIL, AND TURNING CIRCLES... ( I LOVE YOU CHARLIE FOREVER AND EVER!!!!!!!!!!) LOVE MOMMIE

Camille Ellis, 

Date: December 10, 2001

Harley was my minature dachshound. She was my baby. I am a firefighter/paramedic and work 24 hour shifts, every morning when I would get home she would greet me at the door. I will sure miss that. Just her cute smile and the way she would cuddle with me. She will be missed dearly. Love mommy
Christi Abbey, 

Date: December 12, 2001

6/5/89-10/12/01 Ellie Girl: Our first Terv, the queen of the house, bed dog excellent, the one who taught the boys manners, the police woman of the household, the one who always made up her own obedience exercises if I asked you to do an exercise too many times. You never met a person or animal that you did not like. We loved you for 12 years. The night I told you if you needed to leave, it was okay with us. When you looked up at me and gently licked my hand, I knew that it would soon be time to say goodbye for you could no longer walk, run or even standup to eat or drink. I will always cherish our last day together; we miss you everyday. Be happy my sweet pea-all your pain is gone.



Date: January 2, 2002



Date: January 4, 2002

Our Molly left us on January 2nd, 2002. We lost a best friend and a loyal companion. Who will now protect us in the dark? Who will jump with joy when we come home each day? What other being can give such unconditional love and loyalty? We will miss you so much, Molly girl. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

The Treybig Family,  

Date: January 5, 2002

I have alot of precious memories of my dog... Ian was a Doque De Bordeux, my husband got him for me for my birthday almost 8 years ago. We have no children, he was our baby! He had a wonderful life, he loved to go for rides. He would get so excited when , he would hear my husbands truck pull in the drive way. I will miss his wet , sloppy kisses....
Rest in peace Ian boray Mullins..
June 6, 94 to Jan 4, 02

P.S Cherish every moment with your pet..
Sincerely Faye and Ken Mullins

Faye Mullins,  

Date: January 22, 2002

Murphy came into our lives at a time when we needed her the most.  Ten years later we must put her to rest as her heart was old and couldn't go on.  Unfortunately her quality of life was fading away, as was her youthful spirit.  It is with deep sadness that we say goodbye to Murphy.

August 08, 1992 - January 22, 2002   


Date: March 4, 2002


Date:july15,2001-sept, 20. 2001
My fist dog was tupac and he was always hyper. Once he got hit by a car it was going slow though he just had a bruised bum. He was swimming in a week.

date:oct 3,2001  jan 20, 2002
My 2nd dog was maco he was always so sweet and gentle he went sledding with me and  my sister many times.

I WILL NEVER GET A DOG AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Date: March 5, 2002

Deano:  10/09/90 to 06/12/01

just to tell the world about my dearly beloved Deano, he was the best mongrel in the world, we had many lovely adventures together and know i am about to enter into the first one without him, it is breaking my heart and i miss you Deano, god rest your soul 10/09/90 to 06/12/01


Date: April 20, 2002

RYU-a giant among canines...slew dragons during the day, kept a watchful eye on his family at night. Most loved, most fierce. Would drive horses out of the yard, kept my German Shepherds in line, ruled the cats with a iron paw! Personally interviewed each and every guest that dared enter his domain. Some he welcomed, some he dismissed with a toss of his regal head, and merely tolerated their presence. I lost him February 28, 2002.
RYU: male, champagne & white, 11 years old...a 10 lb. Pekingnese. You were my dragon-slayer...We'll miss you. But, you'll romp in our hearts forever! 

Patricia Hogan-Dunlop,  

Date: April 24, 2002

Tyson, My little boy.
It's been 6 weeks since you said good-bye so suddenly, but you new i wasn't strong enough to make that decision. We didn't know you had cancer but i guess you did by the little things you did in the weeks leading up to the 16th of march 2002. My heart has broken and will never be totally whole again, i try not to cry all the time because i know you didn't like to see me upset, but i miss you so much, i think of all the good and funny times we had together because there was no bad one's. Everyone misses you so much nana, grandad and honey love and miss you heaps. Your mum (me) and your dad (Shannon) love you so much, I am having alot of trouble dealing with your death, the weekends of so very hard without you. I still hear your bean bag move, and you snoring, and your nails on the floor. I had 10 wonderful years with you and wish there was another 10. YOU WILL BE FOREVER WITH ME MY LITTLE BOXER BOY.
This is getting to hard for me now, i can't see for the tears, see you when it is my turn to go to heaven and we can play forever.

Date: May 10, 2002



Date: May 13, 2002

Kilo (Mommy's Little Angel)
It has been one month since I had to say good-bye to you.  I still miss you so much.  I know that you were only with me for 4 1/2 years, but it felt like we were together for so much longer.  I hope that you are cancer free and happy!  When I was saying good-bye, you looked up at me before leaving.  I know that you were saying good bye and that you love and miss me too.