DOGS CAN TALK...if you listen

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If only dogs could talk.  Well that  glare we so often receive from our beloved dogs must mean they cannot believe our inability to to be TELEPATHIC.   We humans just don't get it.  So we're not as smart as dogs.  We can't translate the intricate woof woofs, howwwwwls, moooaaaans,grrrowls, or whimmmpers.   The dog human bond is over 20,000 years old and we haven't quite learned to speak dog.   Ah, but sometimes we can imagine or just possibly pretend to figure out what they say. Welcome to the world of our dogs... well actually we are their humans but they let us think that we are in control, sometimes. Sound familiar?

Thank you barry taylor for the midi.
Picture swiping without asking is punishable by a dog (gods) Gilbert, Bogie, Cini, Tai & Paulie 

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