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Heidi crossed over June, 13, 1996 at 12 years old. She was Tai's sister and could leap 6 feet into the air in a single bound. That was our greeting at the door, to catch Heidi mid air. Guests were always a little put off by this but, some human guests were never invited back to our house. Here is Heidi's story.

Heidi, what a name for such a delicate creature such as myself. Well, delicate in looks only. I can in fact jump onto the kitchen counters to eat from the cookie jar. Clever huh? I also know exactly where the extra cookies are kept, and I scratch that cupboard where the cookies are hiding until my humans give in. 

Heidi (left), looking oh so sweet, and sister Tai (right).

I live with my sister Tai, (a sweet whippet) and a very bossy Basenji, (Cini). Sometimes I just get fed up with being pushed around and then I challenge that African Queen. She usually wins (I let her think she wins). Now when it comes to sitting in the chair next to my favorite human, well, I manage to push both Cini, and Tai off the chair. heiditai2.jpg (108470 bytes)
Heidi looking right at the camera (right), Tai (left) looking for cookies.
cinitaiheidipagada2.jpg (37658 bytes)Cini (top- queen),Tai (lower left-very bored, and Heidi (lower left - looking right at the camera).

P.S. When we adopted Bridey in 2001, my husband kept calling her Heidi because he thought she looked like Heidi. So, Bridey, whom I wanted to name Ellie, became Bridey. She is certainly a Bridey (a bossy little Irish scamp).
brideygilhedgehog.jpg (17217 bytes) Bridey & Gilbert sharing a hedgehog toy.

Thank you barry taylor for the midi.
Picture swiping without asking is punishable by a dog (gods) Gilbert, Bogie, Cini, Tai & Paulie 

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