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Tai crossed over January 5, 2000 at 15 1/4 years old. She told her story to Gilbert and he is helping his grammie translate the story... Tai spoke whippet. Gilbert's grammie is human and speaks only a little whippet so until the translation is finished here's what Cini wrote about Tai.

Tai is so modest I, (Cini), have to write something about her for now.  Rest assured I will convince her that she needs to write her own story.

She is the sweetest Whippet ever.  Even when I used to chase her (she was wicked fast too), and finally catch up to her I would bite her. Oh not very bad it just sounded terrible.  Anyway, she would forgive me after a while and let me stand over her head.

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Tai on her 14th Birthday

Gilbert and Tai are sitting on the couch together waiting for me to boss them around.  Tai's a bit deaf so I must yell.   Look how attentive Gilbert is.  He just can't wait for me to give him orders. gilberttaichair.jpg (19499 bytes)

Thank you barry taylor for the midi.
Picture swiping without asking is punishable by a dog (gods) Gilbert, Bogie, Cini, Tai & Paulie 

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