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Gilbert crossed over February 26, 2005.  He told Xena all about being a brindle whippet so Xena is now Bridey's brindle buddy.

I don't want Cini writing my story because my human Grammy said that she will help me write it.  So until my Grammy helps me finish my story I'll tell you a little about me.

In February (1998) my dad and I needed new homes.  The whippet saints found new homes for us.  Well, now I'm always warm, I have lots of toys, I eat almost everything.  I even eat Cini's dinner cause she takes little walk abouts between nibbles.  By the time she comes back to her feeder (about 3 seconds) I've snarfed her dinner.  She's so old she really doesn't care. Although she does growl at me.  I know I could knock her over but I'll bet I would get in trouble and Tai told me a long time ago to heed the growls of the queen.

gilbertrestonbenchoutside.jpg (14226 bytes)I'm taking a little snooze outside in the periwinkle. And the bench makes a perfect head rest.

I love to sing to my Grammy.   In this picture my dad and I are getting cookies for doing silly things like sit.   Well, I get a little impatient waiting for the next trick so I sing for my cookies. gilbertbogiesinging.jpg (27138 bytes)

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