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I'm Bridey McScamp- I look like a whippet but really there's a wee bit of basenji inside- oh but I'm friendly and not bad tempered like Cini- the African queen.

Just when I needed a home, Gilbert wanted to adopt a sister.. ME!

Oh lucky me. I chew on anything and everything. Oh sure I get in trouble. Gilbert has loads of toys - he takes very good care of his toys but, he didn't know what fun he was missing. I showed him how to REALLY have fun with fuzzy squeak toys. Plus, I tease him constantly by running past him with one of his beloved hedgehog toys in my mouth. At first he was turtle slow at snatching the toy from me but he is getting faster.

When the plastic machine rings in the morning, Gilbert sits by the window waiting for Bogie to come visit us. As Bogie walks up to the door, Gilbert sings. That's my cue to  get ready to pounce on Bogie when he comes through the door. He just loves it when I run circles around him and jump over him. Oh right,  he pretends to not have fun but I hear him giggle. 

I know there's little Basenji inside me because I talk a lot and I tear up the toilet paper roll among other things. Gilbert and Bogie understand what I say but those humans...I love them but are they ever dense?

I'm just looking for something to chew.

gilbertbridey.jpg (90100 bytes) Gilbert & me enjoying a little rest with our toys.

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I just love snacks.

gilbertbogiebrideywickerweb.jpg (56216 bytes)I'm being the boss of Gilbert and Bogie.  They don't listen very well.
Cookies.. oh sure I'll stand still.  Aren't we well behaved? (Bogie, Gilbert, and ME-Bridey)

Thank you barry taylor for the midi.
Picture swiping without asking is punishable by a dog (gods) Gilbert, Bogie, Cini, Tai & Paulie 

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