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Bogie crossed over July 9, 2004. He's a spirit dog now. When I close my eyes and touch my heart, I see him very clearly.

  Bogie's Page
I'm an adventurous story telling Whippet (a dog sometimes).

Ring, Ring, Ring (doorbell)

When the doorbell rings I don't bark because I know there is someone on the other side of the door I can coax into playing with me. I think--who's there today?  Mom, please come answer the door so I can play.

bogiepeakhedge.jpg (98311 bytes)Well, look it's Sergio and Brenda, my new friends from across the street from my house. Sergio is 7 years old and I have a lot of fun playing chase with him. Brenda is 13 years old, I like her but she doesn't play with me like Sergio does. You know how some teenage girls don't like to mess up their pretty clothes.

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Don't we look nice on my loveseat?

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  Give me a hug  Sergio.

I love to play chase because I always win.

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So you think you can catch me . . . think again.

Mom's rose bed makes a great escape for me.

My job is to supervise mom when she deadheads the little roses.

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My days are busy, I have so many decisions to make like how much should I let the birds eat at their feeder or which bush is best for me to take a nap under. And because I'm an adventurous story telling Whippet I have to think of plots for another good story. My best thinking spot is my "loveseat," don't you agree?
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If you are wondering what I do the rest of my day, after my mom coaxes me out of our waterbed, I'll tell you. I have a job! My show days are over. It was nice to be a "champion" but my job with my new mom is much better.

After our mile walk each morning, we go to the Woodworking Shop my mom and Aunt Deb have where they handcraft neat things for dogs. About noon Gilbert and I can go into the Shop, it's a big deal for us. My job and Gilbert's is the important part--we inspire mom and Aunt Deb to making stuff we like. And I write stories too!

I'm getting better at the computer too. It's not quite so frustrating to work on the Web.  I still have a lot tricks to learn.  Picking the midi's for our Web pages is my favorite part of my job. The midi I picked for my page " I'm a simple Little Child" from Gilbert & Sullivan's Operetta "The Zoo." I hope you enjoy listening to it.



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Thank you G&S for the midi.
Picture swiping without asking is punishable by a dog (gods) Gilbert, Bogie, Cini, Tai & Paulie 

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