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Handcrafted Pet Memorial Plaque

Wooden memorial plaque -10 x 7 clear pine with photo area (4x6) and message with your dog's name and dates.

Use may use either the crossing message or the Rainbow Bridge message. If you would like a custom message please contact us.
Comes ready to hang on your favorite wall.

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Pet Memorial Plaque PRICE: $35.00
Includes shipping within the US

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The crossing message:  

When you think of me, I won't be far away.  I'm just over the river, and always in your heart.    

Love,  (the name of your dog)

(births and death dates)

The Rainbow Bridge message:  

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge, 
where the sun is warm and the grass is luscious emerald green.
There I will romp and play until that special day, I see you in the distance.
Our hearts will fill with joy as we finally meet again.
Then we will cross the Rainbow Bridge together.

Love, (name of your dog)

(birth and death dates)

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