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Wooden Dog Urns - Size Information and more.

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Size of dog urn: Here are some not so uncommon questions.urn8.jpg (116236 bytes)

So how big does a wooden urn need to be for your dog's ashes?  

About 1 cubic inch for every pound...much smaller than one would anticipate, remember great things come in small packages, and ashes (cremation remains) whether canine or human are wonderful small packages. Our little terrier mix Rapunzel weighed in at just 15 pounds when she died and the container with her ashes was tiny (about 3"x3"x2")- 18 cubic inches. 

Why do we make our urns so big? 

We make our dog urns bigger than necessary so that you can put little memories in as well,  things like collars, notes, flowers, (maybe a really small toy).  You could use the small dog urn (Punzel size) for a dog weighing up to 80 lbs, (but there would be no room for a collar).  If you have any questions please contact us. We will make custom sizes for an additional fee.
Would you like a different message on the lid instead of our crossing message? 

How about a rainbow bridge message like this:

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge, 
where the sun is warm and the grass is luscious emerald green.
There I will romp and play until that special day, I see you in the distance.
Our hearts will fill with joy as we finally meet again.
Then we will cross the Rainbow Bridge together.

Love, (name of your dog)

(birth and death dates)

If you want another message on the lid rather than our crossing message or the above rainbow bridge message, we can do that for an additional fee please contact us.

inside urn.jpg (122303 bytes) Inside the Dog Stuff urn - heavenly blue felt, shown here is the Paulie Size dog urn. Notice the felt panel behind glass to place photo.

click on pictures for bigger view
urn4.jpg (138919 bytes)

urn7.jpg (99519 bytes)

We think our Dog Stuff dog urns are very special. In fact, in 2001 my aunt (a wonderful human) passed away and my cousins asked for a Dog Stuff urn to hold their mom's ashes. All good humans go to the same place as all dogs, so it's only fitting that a good human (my aunt) has a Dog Stuff urn.

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